Eye-Grabbing International Resume Guide

In an international job search, it is important to know what to include in your resume. Different countries have different requirements regarding the contents of an international resume. The most common requirements include a passport-style photo, languages spoken, and references. Below are some guidelines for formatting an international resume. This document should be concise and easy to read. Click this to find the best recruitment agencies in Dubai.

Diamond template:

A diamond template makes your resume visually appealing and emphasizes your top job skills and experience. It screams professionalism and attracts attention. The Valera resume template uses a soft-flowing font to add a creative touch to your resume. If you need help formatting your resume, check out the samples below to get a better idea of making it look attractive and professional.

Simple is best:

An international resume design must be as simple as possible. The most impactful resume designs are those with a sharp line running down the center and contrasting shades of gray or white. The simplicity of this design style can make it seem too basic, but it elevates the overall design and lends a clean, modern feel.

Numbers make a stronger statement:

Adding numbers to your resume is an effective way to make a stronger statement. They tell the reader about the impact of your achievements. In addition, they’re more efficient than words. For example, you can list that you write press releases, but instead of including that you write ten a week, you can list that you write ten press releases per month. Likewise, numbers can also be used to quantify other accomplishments. 

Functional option for international resume:

The first step in formatting a functional resume is to choose your keywords. A functional resume should emphasize your skills and achievements. It is best to list three or four examples of your greatest personal accomplishments, chosen based on the position you are applying for. Next, you should format your resume with the correct fonts and accent colors. At the top of your resume, include your contact information. This should include your name, email address, and social profile.


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