Traditions with some meanings

People often have wedding cake Dubai in modern weddings as a tradition to please their guests but at the back in time there were several meanings of all the things associated with this ceremony. People will cut the cake and do other things on their wedding day for some reasons and they believe that these reasons will have their effects on their coming married life. Some of the traditions and their meanings are here to give you knowledge about them:

Cake cutting: Now days it is a difficult thing to cut the cake because of the several tiers in a wedding cake so a couple does this task together but they do not cut the whole cake. They just cut a small piece to show the first thing which they done together. Previously when there were simple cakes then the bride will cut the cake alone and it will show that she is losing her virginity.

Cake feeding: After cutting cake couple will suppose feeding a small piece to one another. This will show their love and affection for one another and traditionally it means that they are now bound to provide assistance to each other for the rest of their lives. 

Saving tier: It is a custom to save the upper most tier of their wedding cake till the first anniversary although it sounds gross but people are doing this for decades. They will save their cake’s upper tier in the freezer but now people are more intended to make a small beautiful cake in their first wedding anniversary from any cake shop in Dubai. It is because wedding cake can be ruined after a year and you may not be able to eat that cake piece.

Cake under pillow: It is another tradition that people try to have a piece of wedding cake from another’s wedding under their pillow at the night and they believed that they will see their future partner at that night. Traditionally there were small cakes given as the wedding favors so that people can practice this tradition. Those cakes were firm, without frosting so placed easily without creating any mess but cakes in today’s time will create a great mess as they are with cream frosting on top of them so they have to be placed in boxes.


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