What Are The 7 Main Ingredients In Chinese Food?

Those unfamiliar with Chinese cooking may wonder what the main ingredients are in a typical dish. Different ingredients create a portion of delicious Chinese food in Sharjah. Some ingredients are easily found in grocery stores, while others are only available in specialty stores.

Soy sauce:

Soy sauce is one of the most common ingredients in Chinese cuisine. It adds flavor and umami to dishes. It is a salty condiment often used to season meat, vegetables, and noodles. It can also be used as a dipping sauce. You can buy soy sauce in various flavors, from light to dark.

Shaoxing wine:

Shaoxing wine is also an important ingredient in Chinese cooking. It is made from fermented glutinous rice. It is low in alcohol and can be used in cooking and dipping. It can be substituted for balsamic vinegar in many dishes. Usually, it is used to add color and flavor to stir-fry dishes.

Sesame oil:

Sesame oil is another essential ingredient in Chinese cooking. It has a nutty aroma and is great for finishing stir-fries. It can be used in dipping sauces and cold-dish dressings. However, it is best used in small quantities. It is important to store it in a cool, dry place.


Ginger is a common fresh ingredient in Chinese cooking. It is typically chopped finely. It is used as a garnish, especially on dim sums. Generally, it is paired with garlic and spring onions. In the southern regions of China, it is also a staple of salads.

Dried mushrooms:

Dried mushrooms are another store-cupboard ingredient in Chinese cooking. They can last for months and add depth to broths. They can be purchased at specialty stores and in cans. When rehydrated, they will leave a flavorful mushroom-infused liquid.

Five spice powder:

Five spice powders are a popular spice blend commonly used in Chinese dishes. It is a blend of five spices with a warm, licorice-like flavor. It can be used as a marinade, a dry rub for grilling, or in braising. It is spicier than black pepper and has a smoky flavor.


Coriander is a member of the parsley family. It is commonly used in soups and with dipping sauces. It is an important garnish in many dishes.


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