What Is The Most Common Repair On A Car?

Performing regular maintenance is critical to the health of your car. Not only will you keep it running smoothly, but you will also be able to troubleshoot problems quickly. You should be aware of various common car repairs as a car owner. If your car is not running smoothly, you should take it to the best car workshop in Dubai.

Oil filter change:

An oil filter change is one of the most common car repairs. It’s an important step in maintaining your vehicle’s engine, as dirty filters can clog the injectors and enter the combustion chamber. This can reduce the efficiency of the engine and cause costly repairs. Experts recommend replacing the filter every 20,000 miles, depending on your car model.

The first step is to remove the old filter. This process can be tricky, and you might have oil all over your hands. You can purchase a specialized oil filter wrench from an auto store to avoid this. There are several types of these wrenches to choose from, and you can find one to fit your budget.

Frame straightening:

Frame straightening is a necessary car repair because it can affect the vehicle’s safety. Even minor damage can cause the vehicle to be unsafe to operate. Therefore, getting the frame repaired and straightened by a professional auto body shop with extensive experience in frame repair is essential. 

Spark plug replacement:

Changing your spark plugs is an easy car repair that can save you money in the long run. The price for a spark plug replacement depends on your car and where you live. This simple yet crucial repair costs between DH 40 and DH 350. A faulty spark plug can cause misfires that can damage your catalytic converter and reduce fuel efficiency. Worse, the damage can be permanent.

Oxygen sensor replacement:

Oxygen sensor replacement is a common car repair. This sensor monitors the amount of oxygen in the exhaust system and can be a source of engine failure. If you notice your car is not running smoothly, this is the first thing you should check. Faulty O2 sensors can damage the engine and other components, making the car perform poorly. Replacing the O2 sensor is not as difficult as it might seem.


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